What Can You Expect for Your Content Marketing Pieces? Look Below...

I've been privileged to work with many wonderful companies during my career as a content marketing writer. Some are big brands that you'd recognize instantly, and others, well, a little more obscure.

But no matter the size or status of each of my client companies, one common thread runs through every project: teamwork. Each piece I create is not all me. It's not all the client, either. It's a collaboration. It's a perfect symbiosis. It's the melding of the client's knowledge and expertise with my creativity and work artistry.

The finished product is always a work of pride. And I'm proud to share a few examples here.

Please Note...

If you've visited other freelance writers' websites, you'll likely notice a distinct difference between the writing samples they offer and the samples that I've provided below. The portfolio samples often offered to the public are the slick, final production pieces. That's not what I'm providing on this page.

Instead, you'll see the raw copy. You'll see the drafts that are exactly as I presented them to the client. I believe it's important that the raw initial draft is what you see, because that, of course, is what you'll be getting from me if you choose to hire me for your project.

The Copy Is So Clean!

By the way, if you've ever received drafts from writers that were riddled with typos...won't happen with me. I deliver exceptionally clean copy, every time. Pore through each of the below samples searching for typos and while I can't say you won't find any I can guarantee that you won't find many. Same will be true of the copy I deliver to you.

OK, enough preamble. Below are some samples of my work from past projects, categorized by the most popular types of content marketing collateral.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be great fun because they offer tremendous opportunities to get creative, and, at times, a bit chatty. After all, you don't want one-off readers of your blog; you want customers and prospects coming back over and over to read your latest posts. Bland, boring, and monotone isn't going to get that done for you (or impress the search engines through visitors' reactions to your blog).

Case Studies (aka Customer Success Stories)

You have a customer that is thrilled with your product or service, and is willing to tell the world about it. That's gold! Don't throw away that golden opportunity with a dull, formulaic listing of challenge, solution, and result.

(How many case studies have you read that just use The Challenge, The Solution, and The Result as the subheads of the piece? Way to flex those creative muscles...and bore readers senseless.)

Case studies can evolve in many ways. I've written them from webinar recordings, for example, and from provided interview transcripts. But each of the below pieces was based upon my interview of the client's happy customer.

Promotional/Informational Articles

Think of the important trade journals in your industry. How many of them do you subscribe to, or frequently visit online? Trade journals both online and traditional ink-and-paper magazines help keep you informed about the latest news in your industry.

What better publicity for your company than placing an article in one of these publications? What could be more prestigious for your company than having your product or service featured in one of these magazines, and read by nearly everybody in your industry or your prospects' industry?

I've written many articles for many clients, mostly ghostwritten, that have been published in quite an assortment of industry trade journals. These publications include Airport Business, CIO Review, CMSWire, Earth Imaging Journal, Exploration & Production, Forbes, Government Technology, Industrial Distribution, Today's Medical Developments, Teradata Magazine, and others.

Web Copy

Your company's web copy is of crucial importance. It presents your company's face to the world. It must impress both human visitors and those search engine spiders that are constantly crawling through your site, passing judgement whether to boost you up or knock you down in the rankings. Your web copy may also bear much of the burden of converting prospects into customers.

Given the importance of web copy, isn't it strange that so many companies just carelessly splash some words across a web page and consider the job done? There's lots of bad web copy out there we've both seen it (hopefully, though, not on your company's web site!).

White Papers

These marketing tools might be the ultimate for making the case that your company's product or service is the best. Typically delivered in a somewhat formal tone, and supported by multiple external references, white papers relate how your company can solve a problem for readers. But white papers must straddle a fine line between educating and promoting.

Are white papers truly effective content marketing tools? Absolutely. A recent Forbes article noted that "...79% of B2B buyers listed white papers as the material they were most likely to share with colleagues."

What content marketing piece do you need to create?

Let's talk about it...