Are You Struggling to Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals?

Content marketing can pay massive dividends. But it’s also a massive amount of work. That’s why many companies need a bit of help with their content marketing.

My name is Chris Delker, and that’s why I’m here. 

I specialize in helping B2B technology companies create effective lead generation collateral. I also help companies strategize and manage their CM efforts.

Nearly Everybody’s Doing It

According to the Content Marketing Institute, about 9 out of 10 B2B companies are using content marketing to generate leads and cultivate customer relationships. And of those few companies not doing it, half plan to launch a CM program within a year.

Why is nearly everybody doing it? The answer is simple: it works.

Using content to find new customers and maintain a long-term relationship with them is the best form of marketing for the information age. Some dinosaurs don’t yet realize it, but the time of disruptive advertising has passed.

Though it has become cliché to say so, content truly is king.

Lots of Companies Need Help Doing It 

Though content marketing can pay massive dividends, there is a downside: It’s a lot of work. Your team (internal or external) must constantly ideate, create, curate, publish, and manage content. 

The work never ends! But neither do the rewards.

That’s why many companies use some outside help to get the job done.

These companies turn to someone like me to make sure the content spigot never runs dry. Just as importantly, they turn to someone like me to make certain the content they publish is quality content. Garbage content, after all, can do far more harm than good.

But for tech and SaaS companies, finding outside help for creating quality content or strategizing a CM program can be a major problem.

And that’s why…

You Need a Content Marketing Writer/Consultant That ‘Gets’ Tech 

Have you worked with writers/consultants that had that ‘deer-in-headlights’ look (or sound in their voice) as you attempted to describe your product to them? People that wouldn’t know a bit from a byte?

As you may have learned from bitter experience, those freelancers cannot effectively communicate the benefits that your company offers. After all, even the most brilliant of writers can’t convey what they don’t understand.

And how can a consultant strategize and implement a marketing plan for a product/service or target audience that he doesn’t understand? 

Why I’m the Writer/Consultant You Need…

I’m a little different from those tech-baffled freelancers you may have worked with in the past.

My education is in technology (A.A. Computer Science; B.S. Computer Information Systems). I’ve worked in the industry (nearly a decade at IBM as a software developer; ISTQB certified software tester).

I understand industry jargon such as SDLC. Agile software development. Relational databases and NoSQL databases. Regression testing. And I do know the difference between a bit and a byte.

Does all the above mean that I’ll instantly understand your product offering?

Of course not.

I’m constantly learning new things (part of the reason I love this work!). But I’ll catch on quickly to your product or service – my background proves that I have a knack for getting my head around technical concepts.

Tell Me About Your Project

One undeniable truth about content marketing: As noted above, it requires a steady influx of freshly created content to be successful.

You constantly have to feed the beast!

It’s worth the effort, though. And that’s why you’re looking for some help.

And if your company is among the 5% of all B2B companies that haven’t begun a content marketing program? It’s not too late to get started. I can help you do that.

Whatever your needs, you’ve found a go-to resource. An experienced consultant trained in the nuances of content marketing. And a creative writer that: 

  • Gets tech
  • Can communicate the benefits of your product or service in clear, conversational prose – not in bland and boring technospeak or disingenuous marketbabble
  • ALWAYS delivers clean copy ON TIME – without exception!

Let’s have a dialog about how I can help you with feeding, managing, or launching your content marketing program.

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