You've Found the Right Writer for B2B Software and Technology Marketing

Has this happened to you before?

You're trying to get a piece of content produced. It's an important project; a key cog in your company's content marketing efforts.

And you're working with a new writer — a writer that you believe is quite talented.

But Something Is Wrong...

During your phone conversation with the writer, you get the feeling that he just isn't getting it. He doesn't understand your product or service. The tone of his voice, and the not-quite-on-the-mark questions he's asking, don't exactly give you a warm-fuzzy that your project is in good hands. In fact, you can just imagine that deer-in-headlights look on the other end of the line.

But the conversation plods along, the writer finally says he's good, and you leave him to his work while you turn your attention to the 99 other balls you're juggling.

A few days later the writer submits the first draft. You're only a few seconds into it before you, yeah, as you feared, this guy just doesn't get it. And now this project — that you thought (hoped!) was well in-hand — is back on your front burner.

Oh, the headache!

Don't Blame the Writer

This really isn't the writers' fault. He did his best.

It's not your fault either...well, except, in a way, it is your fault. You probably chose the wrong writer for the job; one that just really doesn't understand the Information Technology industry. But you likely chose the best writer available to you.

That was before you landed here.

A Knack for Technology: It Makes All the Difference

The writer in the scenario above — the deer in the headlights guy? He's a talented writer, just like me. But he doesn't have a working background in technology. He doesn't have a knack for getting his head around technical concepts.

But I do.

My education is in technology (A.A. Computer Science; B.S. Computer Information Systems). I worked for IBM for a number of years, first as a software tester (mostly manual testing), and then as a developer (mostly C++).

Does my background assure that I'll instantly understand your product or service? Of course not. But I'll be able to get there quickly, and before I write a single word of copy for you.

So now you can choose the best writer for your project — it really will make all the difference.